Crackers in the soup

Do people like to crunch up some crackers in their soup when they eat soup?  I do.  I had a good cup of soup today (some kind of creamy chicken vegetable soup) and I broke up some saltine crackers to put in the soup.  My favorite soup crackers are the oyster crackers which I am uncertain as to whether you can get them down south or if they are a northern thing (I ask in honest ignorance, I haven’t gone looking for them and so really am unsure as to whether I’d find them in Greenville or not).  Are there soups that you don’t ever want to put crackers into?  French Onion because it usually already has bread in it? Noodle soups?  Also who was the first person to think, “hey I’ve got me some soup and some crackers, Should I put them together?”  Admittedly it is kind of warm today to be eating soup but it was really delicious and filling and I enjoyed it a lot (except for the fact that it was really hot, and, as I so often do, I burnt my tongue real bad on the first spoonful).

~ by Nathaniel on February 5, 2008.

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