I’m not Catholic (or even actually all that religious) but nevertheless I’ve decided to take on a challenge during this season of Lent.  I am going to admit that I have a bit of an addiction.  I’ve dealt with it for a long time and it definitely has a background in my family.  That is right, I am a candyholic (HAH!  You thought I was gonna give up booze didn’t you?  Fuck that, I’ll need beer more than ever while I’m not eating candy).   In all honesty though, I consume candy like few others.  I am a grade A sugar junkie.  Hell I drank a whole hug mug full of Cheerwine this morning on the way to work.  Do you know what all that sugar and caffeine will do to you? DO you?  It’ll make you tweek out!  I’ve been fucking jittery all morning.  But this isn’t about soda it is about candy.  Starting today until the end of Lent (that being Easter) I will not purchase any candy for my own consumption.  Because Valantine’s Day is coming up, and I cannot conceive of ever turning down offered candy, I will allow myself to eat a piece of candy that is given to me (but only one or two pieces at a time if they are given and I am not allowed to ask people to buy candy for me, it has to be given as a kind offer).  This might seem like kind of a silly thing to try and give up but for me I think it is a good challenge.  I really do eat an excessive amount of candy (which makes it amazing that I’ve never had a cavity — knock on wood here) and I can’t see it as being bad to try to go for awhile without any.  Also, Lent ends with Easter which is one of the best candy days of the year and so I’ll be able to get some good jellybeans when this is all over.  So let the no candy begin, I’ve got forty days to go.

For those of you to whom it is important, Happy Ash Wednesday. 

~ by Nathaniel on February 6, 2008.

One Response to “Lent”

  1. I’m a non-practicing Catholic… meaning I am culturally Catholic but not religiously so. Anyway, I’ve never observed lent until now.

    Except I am not actually observing lent. I am just using lent as an excuse to deprive myself of things I probably shouldn’t be eating anyway.

    My lent list:

    Red meat
    Fast food
    Ice cream
    Reality TV
    Plastic bags
    Styrofoam products
    Disposable plates, bowls, cups and utensils
    Any meat raised in a cage, box, or on a feedlot
    Potato chips
    French fries
    Microwaveable meals
    Tabloid news

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