Moxie vs. Cheerwine

I like soda . . . a lot (especially now that I am abstaining from candy consumption for over a month.  I need regular sugar intake from somewhere).  Living the majority of my life in New England (specifically Vermont and New Hampshire) I developed a taste for the regional favorite soda of bad ass old school New Englanders, that of course being the one and only Moxie.  If Barqs has bite then Moxie has a good round house kick to the face.  The stuff is rugged.  I have an unopened bottle of Moxie back at the Huska (Huntusta) plantation that I have been saving for a special occasion (maybe when I get a new apartment or a new job).  Moxie is probably my favorite soda in the world.  It is kind of cola and kind of root beer and all awesome.  It was first made in 1884, that is a hundred years before my birth, I believe I was destined to like it.  Sadly Moxie is almost exclusively a New England beverage (I’ve heard it can be found in other places but I have not yet seen it elsewhere myself).  Living now in South Carolina I have felt a sad void in the absence of regularly acquired Moxie (it is why I’ve been so hesitant to open the bottle I have).  While searching for something to fill the void for the lack of Moxie I ended up drinking a lot of Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper and Pibb Extra.  Then I began to hear things about this soda called Cheerwine.  I first encountered Cheerwine in BBQ sauce form (which is acceptable to put on pulled pork BBQ — ketchup on the other hand is sheer blasphemy bordering on treason.  I learned the ketchup fact the hard way).  Then one day I saw actual Cheerwine soda for sale at the BI-LO.  I decided to go for it and buy a bottle.  I will be blunt and say that Cheerwine cannot ever replace my love of Moxie but for a singularly unique and awesome regional soda it is very kick ass.  Cheerwine is kind of like cherry cough syrup which might turn some people away but personally I love the sheer sweetness of the stuff.  It also has a hell of a good caffeine kick to it.  It is red and bubbly and cherry flavored and great.  With the lack of Moxie here in the south I will gladly substitute Cheerwine as a personal favorite soda. 

~ by Nathaniel on February 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Moxie vs. Cheerwine”

  1. I’ve had Moxie… and may have a can left somewhere as well. That stuff is pretty rough… and I imagine that it tastes a lot like the early “tonics” sold out of the backs of wagons at the turn of the century.

    It’s the real thing: 1/3 cola, 1/3 root beer, 1/3 cough syrup. Good stuff.

  2. Moxie is the best tonic ever made! I grew up in New Hampshire and my uncle used to give it to me to see if I would drink it. I fell in love with it. Since I now live in Florida, whenever a family memeber comes south I have them bring a couple of twelve packs for me.

    Cheerwine cannot hold a candle to Moxie.

  3. There is nothing like Moxie. It is by far the best soda there is IMHO.

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