Zombie vs. Robot

I am not sure why, though it may have been due to this post from Olivier’s blog “The New World of oOo”, but I got to drawing a zombie on PhotoShop this afternoon which came out looking like this:

Zombie Attack!

I thought it looked pretty cool (would maybe be good on a t-shirt with the words “Zombie Attack!” over it).  So I drew this zombie and then I got to thinking about Olivier’s post more and also the whole Zombie vs. Robot things that has been in discussion for some time and I thought, “hell why not draw a good ol’ zombie versus robot battle?”  So that is what I’ve started to do.  I am using PhotoShop to draw this too but I’m spending a hell of a lot of time on it (probably already put in a good hour and a half tonight).  It isn’t even close to done yet but I feel like posting up what I’ve got here:

Zombie vs Robot Battle  I’ve put it here as a thumbnail because right now it is a pretty fucking big image.  I’m using my stylus tablet to draw it and have in the process discovered a bit more how to make stuff look good while using that device.  The key is zooming in to do detail.  If I try and draw the whole picture like on a blank piece of paper then the lines are all really messy and out of control, but if I zoom in I can make much neater pen work(though the this process is the real time consumer).  There is still a lot that I intend to do to this image and I will try and post updates as they become available.

Things to do still . . .

  • further neaten the robot
  • create background and more environment detail (probably in the form of ruined city scape)
  • color render the image
  • make image smaller (it is pretty big right now)

God this stuff is a blast.  I wish I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow.

~ by Nathaniel on February 12, 2008.

6 Responses to “Zombie vs. Robot”

  1. zazzle!!!!!

    I wantz one.

  2. I really like that drawing. Don’t neaten it up too much I think the sketchy style is a winner.


  3. Two thumbs up and I think we all know that the zombie robot picture is pretty accurate. Try as they might, zombies will lose everytime. Here’s the zombies main problem, after a while zombies will run out of living things to make more zombies out of. You will always find some new metal to make robots out of.

  4. That is why the robot is fighting the zombies. The robot’s advanced metal detector has found that one of the zombies has a pace-maker and a metal hip and the other one has some old school dental fillings. It will be a grim day when a robot grabs a child and rips off his/her braces just to get a bit more metal for the Robotic Nation Natural Resources Pool.

  5. Robots: Meat Grinders.
    Zombies: Meat.
    Robots win… but not before zombies have killed us all.

  6. Robots, most definitely, would blow away zombies any day of the week. Robots can easily make more robots. Anyone see Transformers? True, that we probably wouldn’t be around to see the glorious victory…unless the robots were fighting on our side. Then we would be OK. For a little while anyway.

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