The Deaf Man

There is this older deaf man who comes into the library to use the computers.  He is quite self sufficient and doesn’t every really need any help using the computers which makes him a very easy patron to work with.  I don’t know how to sign language and he is aware of this, and yet everyday when he comes in or leaves he signs something to me and then laughs.  Seeing as I don’t sign I have no clue what he is saying but I generally try to be friendly and share the laugh with him.  I just hope that I am not laughing at my own expense (not that I think this man would have any reason to insult me).  I should probably try and learn some sign language anyway.  There are not a lot of deaf individuals who come into the computer area every once in awhile there is.  I think that even knowing some basic signing could make it easier for me to help them.  But until I am able to learn some I will just have to try and help the best that I can. 

~ by Nathaniel on February 21, 2008.

One Response to “The Deaf Man”

  1. I’m signing and laughing at your expense right now.

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