ATOM PUSHERS!!!! (big letters make this post more exciting than it really is)

I.B.M. scientists have been pushing atoms around for some time . . .

The  above is a great line form a kind of interesting article in the NYT.  I generally think that almost all science is pretty cool (well, at least interesting) but even so I am kind of curious about the lives of these scientists.  I mean, I guess if that is what you are into, pushing a single atom that is, then the job must be great.  But I figure it has to be pretty tedious, what with all the precision.  it would suck if you blinked and missed something you’d been working on for the past eight months.

~ by Nathaniel on February 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “ATOM PUSHERS!!!! (big letters make this post more exciting than it really is)”

  1. Two atoms are walking down the street.
    One of them turns to the other and says. “I think I lost an electron. I’m feeling kind of negative.”

  2. Or was it supposed to be “I think I picked up an electron?”

    Shit. I used to be good at science.

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