Good advice from a library patron today

“Go to college man.  Get your PhD.”

Thanks, I think I shall.

~ by Nathaniel on February 22, 2008.

One Response to “Good advice from a library patron today”

  1. My view comes from a PhD in science, but…
    PhD are overrated from an economic standpoint. The four years I spent on a PhD meant that I entered the workforce at the same pay level as I would have with a bachelors, but 4 years behind my contemporaries in earnings. Yes, it is tough to believe, but true. (I was offered a post-doc in a major city for $30,000 a year and told it was a “very generous” offer). A PhD is only worth pursuing from a purely intellectual point of view. I believe a Masters, preferably in a business-related field, is the only real higher education that may be worth the investment of time and money. However, as an English major, you’re probably not looking for economic benefit anyway. And a PhD is the only way to be become an eccentric, absent-minded professor, at which I think you would enjoy and excel.

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