why the fuck . . .

  . . . can’t the library system afford better pencils?  I swear the ones we have are made out of poorly pressurized sawdust instead of wood and the graphite might actually be lead and thus poisonous.  The pencil brand name is Sparco Saver which just sounds bad.  I think they are run by a family of the Chinese Mafia who failed in the drug cartel branch of business but managed to find a profitable niche in poor quality office supplies.  Seriously the little golf pencils we put out for patrons to take notes with are better quality than the regular pencils we as staff get.  Come on guys!  Can’t we at least get some Dixon Ticonderoga HB 2?  Those are great pencils. 

~ by Nathaniel on February 22, 2008.

One Response to “why the fuck . . .”

  1. Those are classic pencils. What did Hemingway write with?

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