A history of Evil

I really enjoy this video from YouTube

~ by Nathaniel on February 25, 2008.

One Response to “A history of Evil”

  1. Obvious references to Hitler and the creature.

    Could we call your Hitler/Frankenstein script Van Helsing II? I’d like to throw in a bipolar Kung Fu action Ghandi (or is he really possessed by Pazuzu?), an immortal Clovis (or Vercingetorix), The original Time Machine guy (I think Guy Pierce should reprise his role), a wookie frozen in the ice (which could give rise to the Yeti myth), Amelia Erhart, Optimus Prime, a walking Easter Island statue, Johnny Storm, and Jimmy Hoffa.

    Sophie Marceau could play Arkananiehu, the nude Tibetan dervish princess.

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