Fashion’s noose. . . the Tie

I don’t wear a tie enough and after wearing one all day today I suddenly realize why . . . because they are uncomfortable.  I can’t wait till the day is done and I can take this thing off.  Isn’t it weird that we have a form of fashion that seems eerily similar to a noose?  I don’t really mind wearing a tie all that much I just don’t see all the purpose and that along with the discomfort level makes me avoid them in general. 

I guess it is also a bit of a comment on my whole stance on fashion.  I don’t get fashion, period.  I understand that we are suppose to match.  I understand that certain occasions call for formal dress while others are okay with casual.  I get that black belt and brown shoes is wrong.  But all and all I just don’t get the big IT about fashion.  More or less why anyone gives a fuck.

Okay, yes, it is a cultural constructed institution of personal presentation.  This is right and that is wrong.  Even if the right looks ridiculous and is uncomfortable we allow ourselves to be draped in it.  It just surprises me that as a society we have still maintained such rigid fashion rules and etiquette.  It is just weird to me.  Maybe what bothers me most is the awareness that while I think the whole emphasis on fashion is silly and overrated my personal thought doesn’t change the fact that the fashion and its rules still exist and further, that if I hope to function well in the world, I will abide by these rules as best as I can.  ggggrrrrrrr. 

I just want to wear jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies!  That is the clothing in which I am comfortable and that is the way I like to look. 

Big “SIGH” here.

Oh well, it isn’t like I have to wear a tie all that much.

~ by Nathaniel on February 26, 2008.

One Response to “Fashion’s noose. . . the Tie”

  1. You may need to become a rapper. They can wear whatever they want.

    Speaking of which, is a tie is the fashion equivalent of a noose, is bling the fashion equivalent of a collar and chain?

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