Sea Monsters

Sure we have sharks and giant squids in the oceans today, but back in the dino-days there were giant fucking sea reptiles like this newly discovered one described in National Geographic.  Probably because of my vast love of dinosaurs I’ve long had a fascination with the monstrous sea creatures that roamed the seas of the prehistoric world (which, I am well aware, were not dinosaurs but just big reptiles that swam).  I think my favorite was Elasmosaurus, what with its long neck and mouth full of needle sharp teeth.  Yeah, I think that if we could time travel we would all be advised to avoid swimming in the ancient seas.  The only thing that could possibly be worse than giant hungry sea-lizards are the terrifying flying-sharks that Martha proposed at Mexican Monday this week.  Personally I think that if almost any large sea life had the ability to fly then it would be pretty fucking terrifying.  Flying-Giant-Squid. Flying-Crocodile. Flying-Killer-Whale.  Flying-Elasmosaurus. Flying-Walrus.  Horrible stuff, good thing all they can do is swim.

 (form National Geographic)

~ by Nathaniel on February 27, 2008.

4 Responses to “Sea Monsters”

  1. I miss the good old days of sea monsters and saber-tooth tigers. We were better people for having to deal with shit like that.

    And the world was more interesting too.

  2. I know. What I wouldn’t give to wrestle a saber-toothed feline. People wouldn’t be such pansies if they knew that everyday they faced the prospect of being consumed by a pterodactyl or roundhouse kicked in the face by a pissed off Velociraptor. Nope, we’d all toughen up and not worry about shit like our dog getting eaten by a python. hell we’d probably think the damn dog was lucky to get off so easy.

  3. Instead of base jumping and bungie-jumping, we could have REALLY cool adventure sports like pterodactyl jumping, Sabertooth rodeo, or even velociraptor wrestling.

    The dragon jumpers in “Reign of Fire” looked like they were having a blast… at least for the first twenty seconds or so of free-fall. After that, things weren’t so fun.

    Chihuahuas and kitty-cats would probably be extinct inside of a year if dinos took back the streets.

    Fat pedestrians too.

    I wonder if dinosaur meat is more like chicken or gator.

  4. cool pic i like it. it realy shows what it was like to liveback then

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