The Best CNN article ever?

Possibly the best CNN article I’ve yet read . . . honestly, what could be better than a giant python eating a pet dog?

Really is this the best you can report CNN?  I mean I know we might all want to be cautious about snakes eating our dogs (Leon is probably about the same size as this pet dog was) but it seems like there could be much more interesting, if not important, stories to report on.  Is the world so boring that dog-eating snakes make the big head lines?  Ugh. 

It is horrible, but the mental picture I have of the two kids in this article is priceless.  I bet they will need counseling for years. 

~ by Nathaniel on February 27, 2008.

One Response to “The Best CNN article ever?”

  1. I’m surprised CNN had time to cover that momentous bit of world news, what between analyzing Senators Obama and Clinton’s height ratios (roughly 1.4:1 sitting down) and the fact that Google’s stock is down by 7%.

    I hate to be all negative, but I think we’re beyond redemption at this point. When all of the news outlets are basically owned by four corporate entities, are we really watching or reading real news anymore?

    More to the point, is there really enough news to justify 24/7 coverage? (My answer would be “yes” if we segmented the day into geographic and thematic categories. like… Between 2pm and 3pm, all CNN would focus on is news of Asia. 3pm-4pm: Europe. 2am-3am: Environmental news. etc. At least for their network.

    I won’t even touch on the death of investigative journalism, which has basically become little more than droning, repetitive drivel about catching child predators, following illegals as they cross into the US, and steroid use in Baseball.

    We’re pretty much done for.

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