Some mornings really just drag along.  I realize that it is only a little after 10 a.m. as I write this but I feel as if I’ve been here for hours.  Sometimes a slow morning can be a nice thing because it means you have a little more time to wake up and get going.  But that isn’t how I feel today; I’m antsy and full of energy and want something to happen.  I had a full nights sleep last night and a huge cup of coffee this morning.  Maybe if I am lucky some evil Marketing Ninjas will try and promote their business here and I’ll be forced to kick their asses.  That is what I feel like doing right now; fighting ninjas.  That or somersaults.  I wonder how my boss would feel about me doing somersaults at work.  I am thinking that acrobatics is probably not recomended reliever of energy when one is employed at a library.

I’m going to go walk around now.  

~ by Nathaniel on February 28, 2008.

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