New House! New House!

I move into my new house tonight/this weekend!  Very very excited, it is an awesome place.  Only major downsides as far as I can tell right now:

  1. No laundry washer or dryer, though there is a Laundromat right across the road (hopefully we will be getting both a washer and dryer for ourselves in the not too distant future).
  2. No Internet (easy to solve, call Internet provider and get Internet hooked up).
  3. No car (walking or bike riding is better for me and cheaper).

So all around nothing to bad.  Also found out today that we get to use the basement (Mad had previously thought we were not going to get to use it) but we are yet to get the keys and so we are not sure what is in there (dead bodies, crazy psycho killer, a million dollars — who knows?!).  All around the whole shindig is awesome and I am really excited to have a place to call my own — even if I am renting it and sharing the space with a friend.

~ by Nathaniel on February 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “New House! New House!”

  1. If the cellar is very creepy, you must let me in to a) photograph it, b) scan it for ghouls and ectoplasmic spectres, and c) look for big spiders to photograph with my McGyver macro lens.

  2. as far as I am concerned you are welcome to come do all of the above. we also have a ind of creepy attic like space above the room that is suppose to be my bedroom which may also contain ghouls, spectres, and spiders or strange interspecies mixes of all three.

  3. I’m bringing my tetanos kit with me.

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