A pleasant walk

By now, day two of the first work week where I am living in my new house, I’ve become rather certain that the time it takes me to get from my front door to the employee entrance of the library is just about ten minutes even.  That is no longer than it took me to drive to work (and because now I will not be sitting in a car listening to music and finishing my coffee I don’t really have to leave to go to work until about 8:15ish — this is great)  Further I can probably walk home for lunch if I would like to, which may save me a bit more time in the morning making myself something to eat.

Today (that being Tuesday the 4th of March 2008) is a bit rainy but quite warm and humid.  I actually really enjoyed the weather for my morning hike to work as at the time it was just barely sprinkling and felt all around rather nice outside.  I’m sure in a few weeks the joy of walking to work will have worn off but until that time I intend to make the most of it.  And hell, I’m getting a bit of exercise to boot.

~ by Nathaniel on March 4, 2008.

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