Love and hate of the AP

The Associated Press can be both a good and a bad thing.  Good because it provides a lot of news everyday of the week which allows somebody like myself to keep up to date with current events.  Bad because I often end up reading the same article two or three times while I scour my RSS feeds everyday (this doesn’t speak to well for me I know.  Usually I get a couple of paragraphs into a second/third reading and say something like, “What the fuck I already read this shit!”).  Part of the problem is that other news sources that use the AP post the stories at different times under different titles.  For example, I found this article from USA Today on The Yeti yesterday and then today I find this article in Time Magazine.  I was very excited about the Time Magazine article because then I could write a post further linking The Yeti link and newer article I had found to support the claim that Japan will in all likelihood be destroyed by angry killbots in the not to distant future.  But no, not happening, the damn Time article is the same fucking article that already appeared in USA Today.   Now I’ve got nothing but an already referenced AP article about fucking Japan and their goddamn fucking robots!  Grrrrraaaaaaggggghhhh!!!  Lord Hulk rage!  To relieve my uncontrollable blurt of anger at my lack of a potentially awesome post let me just write this.

 Damnit Japan, stop making scary fucking robots!  They might be fun now, and sure mecha look really cool in stupid fucking anime, but for crying out loud, when Unit-X7TR is crushing your lungs with its neo-titanium killfists there will be nothing fun.  And guess what Unit-X7TR is very likely going to be crushing your lungs first because you are probably the front runners in killfist technology.  Japan I direct you to a not so ancient proverb that says, “he who makes killfists dies by killfists.”  I’d fucking take it to heart if I were you. 

Fucking robots!  Fucking AP!

~ by Nathaniel on March 4, 2008.

One Response to “Love and hate of the AP”

  1. Thank Jehovayahweh that Japan, like the UK is an island nation: Robots and zombies alike can be contained. Problem solved.

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