Coffee Maker

If you put too much ground coffee in the coffee pot and less water does that make the coffee stronger, especially caffeine wise?  I just bought a cheap coffee pot the other day and made coffee for the first time this morning and I think I put too much grounds in.  I feel really wired and twitchy.  It is great.  The coffee maker itself isn’t really anything special considering I got it for nine bucks at Walmart. It makes coffee and all but it seems to take a decent amount of time to warm up but that isn’t too big a deal because I wake up really early every day as it is.  I still can’t quite believe the dependence I’ve developed for coffee since I started working here at the library.  I know I’ve said it before but I really barely ever drank coffee prior to moving to South Carolina, now I’m averaging at least two cups a day.  It is so yummy and great.  Glad I bought the maker, as going without coffee in the morning would probably make me a not very nice person. You know, more episodes of Lord Hulk rage!

~ by Nathaniel on March 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “Coffee Maker”

  1. Addict.

  2. […] Lord needs to junk his $9 coffee maker for the $11,000 model. […]

  3. A couple points about coffee…

    Generally speaking, one tablespoon of grounds makes one decent cup. But different varieties call for different amounts. And some experimentation is needed to account for individual tastes.

    If you have a coffee maker that has a heat plate under the carafe, never leave it on that heat for more than a 10 minutes. That ruins perfectly good coffee.

    If you’re looking for strong coffee, buy cheep.

    You could also try shutting the valve that leads from the brew chamber to the pot and let the grinds steep for longer — that would make a stronger coffee and save on grinds. Or, get a french press, grind the coffee REALLY fine and let the coffee steep for about 10 minutes. This is the best way because it will still taste like good coffee.

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