Missed Bag Lunch Thursday (BLT) but . . .

. . . got to have a nice lunch with the library system’s Communications Coordinator.  I don’t really ever eat lunch with anybody else at work (which may or may not be because I am anti-social) so it was kind of nice to sit and talk to a co-worker about books and such today.  Usually during break I find a nice quiet place to sit and read or I might browse the collection.  It may seem weird that I’d want to read considering that I spend a lot of my time here at work reading stuff online but personally I find it very relaxing to sit with a good book for a little while and not have to thinking about computers or email or having to help somebody print something out.  But then again it is nice to eat lunch with people too and just talk about this or that (the secret is that I am not anti-social, I actually very much enjoy interacting with others).  Good times indeed.  And my lunch (spaghetti, sauce, and Italian sausage) was very delicious and filling today. 

Sorry couldn’t make it to BLT today OC, hope y’all had a grand ol’ time.

~ by Nathaniel on March 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Missed Bag Lunch Thursday (BLT) but . . .”

  1. Call my cell phone next week. I’ll pick you up.

  2. We talked about Madeleine II (the evil one who casts spells on the real Mad), the need for blood enemies, the fact that pawn shop employees are not friendly at all, the link between mad cow disease and chewing gum, and the need for any self-respecting southern gentleman to own at least one high-powered rifle.

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