Whole Foods and Spicy Corn Thingies

Mad and I went to Whole Foods yesterday to get some things to eat.  Now I know that a lot of people really like Whole Foods and there are aspects that I like myself (especially the cheese selection) but in general I just find it to be the biggest most ridiculous yuppie market around.  I like my natural foods and healthy eats, but there is such a pretentious attitude about both Whole Foods and the people that shop there that every time I go into the store I want to laugh out loud at the whole thing (either that or dress up like a complete miscreant and terrorize nicely get up yuppie shoppers).  When my parents come down in April I intent to take my dad to Whole Foods because I know the place will drive him absolutely nuts (he is not a big fan of either health food stores or yuppies) and it will be wonderful.  Now that I’ve ranted though I will compliment Whole Foods again by saying, yes indeed they do carry some very good products (like the delicious looking mango I bought last night and the Vermont made butter and corn chips).

One thing about Whole Food that I am a pretty big fan of is their bulk food availability (you know like all the dried fruits and granola and yogurt covered raisins, etc, etc).  Last night I bought this bulk container of these Spicy Cajun Corn Sticks.  All I have to say is, “damn thems spicy and delicious!”  Very very wonderful, and now I have something to snack on when I get home today.

Note:  If you are a self described yuppie or are concerned that you may fall into my categorization of yuppie-dom please do not take insult from this post.  I have known a great number of yuppies in my life (Vermont in particular seems to have a large and increasing population of them) and have been quite fond of the majority of them.  It is just that I do not think of myself (and would prefer if others don’t think of me) as a yuppie and so I draw a contrast in yuppie attitude and my own life choices.  Thus I often find yuppie-dom somewhat ridiculous and entertaining.

~ by Nathaniel on March 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Whole Foods and Spicy Corn Thingies”

  1. I shop at Whole Foods and can’t stand the pretentiousness of at least 2/3of the people who shop there. I actually got angry the other day because a bunch of Augusta Street assholes were taking up an entire aisle while chatting very loudly about crap I didn’t really care about. All I wanted to to get through and grab a jar of olives. They saw that I needed to get through but continued their conversation as if I didn’t exist. I expressed my displeasure and they reluctantly moved their collective fat asses and children-filled carts out of my way.

    I hate people who feel “entitled.” (Unless they feel entitled to having my foot up their ass.)

  2. When I shop at the grocery store (Whole Foods or otherwise) I don’t interact with the other people while I browse the aisles. So I couldn’t honestly say, “damn yuppies are ruining this store.” If I run into people who feel entitled, I usually just unpolitely shove my way through and make it appear as though olives have an antivenin serum that will save my child from a rattle snake bite.

    I see what you’re saying, but don’t blame Whole Foods. You’re guessing that the number of newly minted BMW’s in the lot plus the $30,000 wardrobe that young Mrs. Professional is wearing probably indicates yuppie-hood. Oh, and the fact that toilet paper at Whole Foods costs $21 and is made from recycled goose down and discarded silk fibers. I agree that Whole Foods is probably going to attract the type of people who are simply looking for an excuse to spend more. But what you’re missing is that, while Whole Foods may attract that snobbish element, they generally offer lower prices on chef/gourmet staples and the selection is worth the extra price. Especially, if you’re making something more complicated than Hamburger Helper. From personal experience, I’ve found these things from Whole Foods to be reasonably priced and of far superior quality/selection:

    * Broth and Vegetable stock
    * Cheeses
    * Beans
    * Mushrooms (dried)
    * Spices in general
    * Dried items and preserves
    * Shallots

    Things that are way overpriced:

    * Specialty anything
    * Cleaners
    * Fruit juice (espcially cranberry concentrate and OJ)
    * Beer
    * Hot prepared food
    * Coffee (it’s okay, but not for the premium price)
    * Peppers
    * Paper towels
    * Garbage bags
    * Vitamins
    * Vinegar & Olive Oil (not sure what a $35 bottle of vinegar is going to give my food, but I’d rather spend that on wine)

    Bottom line is, if you’re making a good meal and want to buy fresh, quality and sometimes local ingredients, go to Whole Foods. Shop for the day-to-day stuff (garbage bags and eggs) elsewhere. Ignore yuppies.

  3. I fully agree with you both even though there may be disagreement between the two of you. Further, butter is extemely overpriced at Whole Foods and I am stupid for not just walking over to the Bro-Lo to buy my butter.

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