Music to bed, happy to rise

This past weekend I got a lot more unpacking done at the house including putting all my clothes (those that would fit) into my closet and putting all my dvds out in the living room.  I also set up my computer on Sunday which, even with its current lack of Internet connection, affords me more entertainment.  Last night I took a few minutes to hook up my speakers to my computer.  When I want to sleep last night I left music on, playing softly for a few hours.  Though I had my own room in the Huska Plantation I did not have my computer in there (or a radio or some other form of audio device) and so was not able to listen to music while sleeping.  I think that it is a little weird that a siren down the road will almost always wake me up but music playing only a few feet away (albeit rather quietly) will make me very calm and allow me to sleep quite well.  I love listening to music when I am either sleeping or napping especially instrumental music like Classical or some lighter Jazz.  I find it all very relaxing and nice and because of it last night I feel particularly awake today.  Wondrous.

~ by Nathaniel on March 11, 2008.

One Response to “Music to bed, happy to rise”

  1. Sirens don’t wake me up, but you can be sure that a mosquito flying around within a 50ft radius will keep me awake all night. Especially when the sucker flies real close and suddenly… lands!


    Drives me nuts.

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