I used to go to a lot of meetings in college because I was involved in a number of different organizations but since graduation my meeting attendance has become quite negligible.  I got to go to a meeting this afternoon at work which was great.  Why was it great?  Some reasons:

  1. I enjoy getting an opportunity to sit and talk with my coworkers.  Seeing as I sit at a desk in the computer area all day I have very little interaction with the other library employees.  Being a sociable individual I enjoy the opportunity to converse and mingle with the other people who share the same employer.
  2. I get to hear about some of  what has been going on in the library especially in the reference area that I may not have been aware of otherwise.
  3. Probably the best part of the meeting is that I didn’t have to sit in the computer area for an hour and a half.  Thus the afternoon was neither too boring (from lack of stuff to do besides busy work revisions for some documents) or getting on my nerves (due to patrons asking stupid questions or in general just being real pains in the ass).

One down side of today’s meeting.  The giant basket of candy in the center of the meeting room table.  I am still keeping to the no eating un-offered candy rule during lent and this candy was not offered but did look really delicious. 

All around good times and less than half an hour left in the day.


~ by Nathaniel on March 12, 2008.

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