A simple noise can slowly drive you crazy

About half an hour ago one of the computers on my desk started to buzz away  (I think it is the fan but am not sure).  This noise, which is not very conformed (it keeps changing pitch and speed) is really starting to cause a toll on me.  This is silly I know, I should just ignore it, but as soon as I do begin to ignore it it changes again.   I just feel like jumping up and causing violence to the machine (which is also silly because the only machines deserving of violence enacted upon them are self-aware robots).  Aaaaaaggggghhhh!!!  SHUT UP YOU STUPID COMPUTER!!!  It really is about the most annoying noise I’ve ever heard, it kind of sounds like a dying weasel in a drying machine (likely the weasel is dying due to being in said drying machine — that would be my guess).  The thing that sucks more is that I can’t turn this computer off because it is the computer that controls all patron log-ons in the library and the program takes forever to start back up.  Fortunately lunch is just a little over a half an hour away.

~ by Nathaniel on March 18, 2008.

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