Missing spring break . . . or breaks in general for that matter

I was talking to my brother the other night and the lucky fuck is on spring break this week.  So I asked him, “hey are you going to do anything fun?”  To which he responded that his only plans for the week were to lie around and maybe hang out with some friends.  Sigh.  I wish I was having spring break this week.

I find the lack of vacation time one of the biggest things that I miss about school.  I loved having a week here or there to just relax, maybe catch up with some friends I haven’t seen for awhile, watch a few movies on my list of must sees, and all and all not worry about work. 

Unfortunately if you are not in the education system, the luxuries of regularly scheduled breaks are not something that one usually gets.  Instead you get a few free holidays and then a certain number of vacation days/hours a year to take at your own discretion.  As it just so happens I put in for two days of vacation today so I can have time off to hang out with my parent in April.  The thing about this is now I know my total allotted vacation time for the year is down to ten remaining days. 

On the up side you can choose when and where you want to use your vacation time.  On the downside, . . . you have to choose when and where you want your vacation time instead of just being given such at fixed intervals.  Another sigh.

Maybe I should be a teacher, because then I will get those breaks even if I end up doing work during them.  Actually the breaks are a big part of why someday I’d like to get my PhD and be a professor at some university (that and my overall love of the pursuit of knowledge and higher education).

Well, in closing, . . . Ian, I hope you have a good week hanging out at home, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do with a weeks worth of free time (which, generally speaking, I’d be willing to do any number of things assuming 1. they are within my price range and 2. they will not conclude with my arrest or death).

~ by Nathaniel on March 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Missing spring break . . . or breaks in general for that matter”

  1. “What’s the point of the Bill of Rights when you only get 10 paid vacation days per year?”

    – Olivier A. Blanchard

  2. I was talking to someone last who just got laid off and got an eight month severance package. Now that’s living the dream.

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