Mango Chutney is really good!

Last night Evan, Meg, and I enjoyed some fine homemade mango chutney.  It was damn delicious.  Personally I’ve never made a chutney before and in actuality I have never really consumed a lot of chutneys.  My mother used to make an orange rhubarb chutney that went really well on some thin sliced beef, but I think that was probably the only chutney I’ve consumed prior to the mango chutney of last night.  To be honest I think I have always been a bit leery of the world of chutneys because it has seemed a little stranger to want to spread some concoction of fruit and onions and a ton of spices on already delicious meat.  But now, with having consumed the yummy mango chutney, perhaps I shall remedy my previous bias.  I now look forward to having mango chutney again and also trying to experiment with some other types of chutneys. 

What was in the mango chutney? As best as I remember (Evan might recall more):

  • mango
  • yellow onion
  • green pepper
  • chili pepper flakes
  • curry powder
  • pineapple juice
  • brown sugar
  • maybe salt and pepper, but I don’t remember for sure

~ by Nathaniel on March 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “Mango Chutney is really good!”

  1. Some hot red pepper (I think you could just use cheyenne). In the future, we might want to try fresh chili peppers and crushed pineapple instead of the juice. Oh, and raisins too. No salt.

  2. I was also a fan of the chutney, and the whole meal in general. I vote to do some more cooking, especially in the area of chutney exploration. And after the pepper gardens get going, we should experiment with using our home grown produce to make not only chutneys, but salsas, sauces or curries. Or other spicy dishes. Cooking at home is cheaper than a bar, we can drink home brews, and you and Evan do amazing work in the kitchen. I’ll even let you do some serious meat dishes if an acceptable alternative is also available for me 🙂

  3. Ack, I forgot 1 oz of cider vinegar. Crucial.

  4. oh yeah, . . . can’t for the vinegar, wouldn’t be the same without it.

  5. […] and rice, and a mole sauce (pronounced mol-ay I think).  The chutney was a little different from last time though still mango based.  With a lack of canned pineapple we instead used some fresh […]

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