Ack! Spider!

I don’t really mind spiders all that much, in fact, I am usually quite interested in them.  I like watching them crawl about and will try and avoid killing them if I can help it (I much prefer using paper and a cup to remove them from a place where I don’t want them).  Still I am conscious of the caution one has to have towards certain spiders.  Living in South Carolina I am aware that both Black Widows and Brown Recluse potentially inhabit the same areas that I frequent.  As such I will usually shake out my clogs in the morning before putting my bare feet in them to go to the bathroom.  This might seem silly but I’d rather take a second to be silly then have something bite my toe and end up in a lot of pain.  I haven’t seen a wild Black Widow yet and I am not all that worried that I will run into one anytime soon, but I prefer caution over a poisonous bite.

The only thing that I really don’t like about spiders and insect is when they crawl on my skin.  I dislike the feel of their little arthropod legs scuttling on my body.  Early this morning, I think around 3-ish, I felt something brushing against my cheek and my first thought was, “Ack! Spider!” and I quickly brushed away whatever it was.  I was half tempted to turn on my bedside lamp to see if indeed it had been a spider but then thought to myself that it was likely just a lock of my hair, which is currently pretty long and shaggy.  I fell back asleep without a problem.  When my alarm went off at 6 and I turned on my lamp and began to get out of bed and there on my pillow, not far from where my head had been, lay the dead body of some damn big spider.  Immediate thought, “Ack! Spider!”  So it had been a spider crawling on my face, and not just any little arachnid, this fucker was a big ugly (legs and all I’d put it at close to an inch long).  See this is what I don’t like, knowing that spiders crawl on me in my sleep, it gives me the willies.  Though I do feel kind of bad that when I brushed it off my face I killed it, that wasn’t my intention.

Alas I survived but finding the dead spider in bed still did not thrill me.

~ by Nathaniel on March 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ack! Spider!”

  1. I can hook you up with some black widows if you want. I have some in my back yard.

    I’m adding giant spiders to my apocalyptic plotline:

    – zombies
    – robots
    – mechas
    – mysterious aliens
    – really terrifying vampire-like creatures
    – voodoo ninja pirates
    – a knife/toothpick-throwing side character
    – giant super smart mutant spiders with dolphin-like sonar

  2. Mevan had a run-in with a Black Widow last week. Good times.

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