It’s 7:45 on Monday, I haven’t even gone to work yet, and I am already exhausted.  This past weekend took a lot out of me.  Friday night, stayed up late and drank a lot of Miller High Life’s.  Saturday, kicked a soccer ball around with Martha, went to the Huska Plantation to celebrate Walker’s birthday, drank a lot, was outside all day, went to the bar, maybe threw up, good times ensued.  Sunday, woke up too early, ate taco bell for lunch, got Internet in the house running, went to Evan and Meg’s for dinner and good conversation, passed the fuck out at about 12:20.  Then rolls around 6 am today and I haven’t even started work yet.  Big ugh here. 

Tentative goal for today . . .

  • No Lord Hulk rage at the library patrons
  • Put up some good posts on GSATC
  • Try and make it to the Bank
  • Get home in one piece
  • Watch missed episodes of LOST online
  • fall asleep early

 I think I can achieve all of the above with reletive ease.

Monday, monday, monday

~ by Nathaniel on March 24, 2008.

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