Things I have learned today

In an one hour I can . . .

  • Get up from my desk
  • Go downstairs to the staff lounge and grab my sandwich and drink
  • Go back upstairs
  • Eat my sandwich in reference break room 
  • Talk to Bob (a coworker) about mandolins, guitars, and bluegrass music
  • Go to my locker and get my hoodie and Red Sox hat
  • Leave the library via the main entrance
  • Walk downtown to the big Bank of America
  • Deposit a check from my mother at said bank
  • Walk back up Main St. at a very leisurely pace
  • Consider going into a shoe store
  • Do not go into a shoe store
  • Consider going into a dentist office
  • Do not go into a dentist office
  • Walk back towards the library
  • Stop in at the Greenville Art Museum
  • Look at new Still Life exhibit upstairs
  • Marvel at how well other people can paint
  • Wish I could paint that well
  • Start to leave museum and consider becoming a member to get an Andrew Wyeth poster
  • Walk back into library
  • Use the rest room
  • Wash and dry hands
  • Head back to locker
  • Briefly talk to my boss
  • Remove hoodie and hat and put them back in the locker
  • Have a big cup of water
  • Go back to my desk with a minute to spare

Yep, did all of the above during my lunch break today.  I feel amazed that I can accomplish so much in just an hours time.  But the best thing I learned from all of this . . .

 . . . I have more than enough fucking time during lunch break to walk down to Sharkey’s and get a beer and some fried pickles!  Who wants to go sometime this week?

~ by Nathaniel on March 25, 2008.

5 Responses to “Things I have learned today”

  1. Me, me, me!!! (imagine me sitting in a desk from an elementary school waving my hand in the air and squirming with excitement)

    Friday would be good. Hopefully Sarko will be better and not insane drugged-up dog with hallucinations. And I’ll need that beer even more if he still is. (Phenolbarbital is some fucked up shit).

  2. Awesome! Friday sounds good. I’m very excited about being able to get downtowna dn back durning my lunch breaks, especially now that the weather is getting nice.

  3. Phenobarbital is a whacky chemical indeed. It’s like the fried pickle of the pharmaceutical world.

  4. Hook me up!
    Hallucination dog drugs + moderately drunk Lord = either
    1). Good clean fun or 2). A number of law suits.

  5. I think the symptoms in humans are less severe — mostly just lethargy and clumsiness. Dogs. That’s another story altogether.

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