So I am very excited to announce that I have finally got my all-in-one scanner/printer up and running (though I am not sure if it can print right now because the ink cartridge is really old).  This is the first time since I bought the thing almost three years ago that I have been able to get the scanning to work.  For whatever reason when I first bought it the driver had issues installing and the area that suffered was scanning.  No more!  Last night I re-downloaded the driver and installed the whole deal and this time it didn’t have any issues.  The whole process of downloading and installation took almost two-and-a-half hours (not really sure why — lots of files maybe?) but when it was done I put a picture on the scanning tray and pushed the scan button  and . . . ta-da!  Beautiful scanned image!

The reason why I decided to hook the scanner/printer up last night was so as to hopefully give me some more options of making the cover for ChipperDemon’s March CD release.  Seeing as the scanner works the cover design was made much easier.  This is why.  I like to think I can draw relatively well with pen/pencil and paper.  I also like to think that I am pretty good with Adobe PhotoShop and using the stylus tablet.  If I draw something in pen or pencil first and then scan it into PhotoShop and use the stylus to do edits I can usually make pretty cool images.  This is what I did for the CD cover last night.  I would post the cover image up here but I think Mad would like to wait until the release tonight before people see what it looks like so I shall not post the image until this evening.

I will post another image that I scanned this morning however.  This picture was drawn in pencil this past weekend and I had to use PhotoShop to darken it up some and add a little filtering so that it was visible (the scanner works well but light pencil drawings come in really light and need some editing to make them visible).  I think it is a pretty decent drawing of a woman (I don’t usually draw people, and much less woman — I find their bodies and clothing difficult to draw).  Hope you like it.   

Woman Walking

Cool beans!  I feel like now that I’ve got the scanner working I just want to draw a shit and of stuff.  I want to do work on some personal designs and illustrations, maybe put them up on Zazzle, maybe start the card company.  Very pumped!  Awesome!

~ by Nathaniel on March 27, 2008.

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