I hate April Fools Day

Probably because I can be both really spacey and really gullible and thus often end up being the one fooled.  Also, growing up, my dad made it his personal goal for tricking both my brother and I every April first and to date he has not failed once (I am considering not answering the phone when he inevitably calls me tonight).  The  April Fools prank of my father’s that pissed me off the most went like this two years ago (right after I had to pay the IRS over $200 in taxes because I was listed as my parents dependant — ugh grumble).

Dad: Hey buddy how are you?

Me: Not too bad.

Dad: Hey, we got an envelop from the IRS today with your name on it.  Would you like me to open it and see what it is?

Me: Sure

Dad: (long pause — obviously reading to himself) Oh wow!  Wow!  Are you sitting down?  You’re not going to believe this!

Me: (intrigued but still standing) What?

Dad: The IRS says there was a tax fault in your favor this year and you will be getting a refund of $1,000!

Me: (stupidly) Holy Shit really?!

Dad: Nope . . . April Fools

Me: (deeply depressed and angry now)  Ass-hole

Dad: (Laughing his ass off) Oh man I wish I could have seen your face!

Yep, that is how it played out.  I was fuming pissed.  what drives me the most crazy is that even if my dad’s prank isn’t that good he still thinks it is the funniest shit in the whole world.  Gggrrrr it frustrates me.  And every year I tell myself, “don’t believe anything dad tells you today.”  And somehow he still gets me.  So yeah, I hate April Fools Day.

~ by Nathaniel on April 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “I hate April Fools Day”

  1. You know you’re going to get $600 from the US Gov. this year, right?

  2. Yeah, that isn’t too shabby

  3. […] Still Hate April Fools Day As I explained last year, I hate April Fools Day . . . and as the title should suggest to clever individuals this is not something which has changed […]

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