I Hate April Fools Day (a reprise)

I am victorious!  I still hate April Fools Day (because both Google and a couple of co-workers fooled me yesterday) but for the first time ever I beat my dad at his own game.  So, so awesome!  How it played out:

Dad: Hey bud hows it going?

Me: Not bad, sorry I didn’t get your call earlier, I forgot to turn my phone on after work

Dad: That’s okay.  Hey, did you say you already filed your tax returns?

Me: Yeah, why?

Dad: Well we got an envelope from the IRS addressed to you today.

Me: No, you didn’t, you already pulled this prank on me two years ago.  I wrote about it on my blog today.

Dad: (long pause, then trying really hard to sound innocent)  This isn’t a prank.

Mom: (in the background) Yes it is, he already did it to your brother earlier.

Me: Seriously?  You’re recycling old pranks now?  You’re losing your edge old man!

Dad: Ouch.

Me: (laughing my ass off) hahahahahahahaha!

AWESOME!  So great, so so great!  And a little sad (for my dad at least).  I’m glad he still got my brother.

~ by Nathaniel on April 2, 2008.

5 Responses to “I Hate April Fools Day (a reprise)”

  1. But hey! You left out the part where I got you later in the phone call! Plus you also didn’t mention how you jumped the gun when we told you it was 60 degrees. Why so jumpy? Was it the nervous anticipation of the attack of the April Fools Ninja Daddy!!! Well you still have about 22 years of fools pranks to get over. Remember the classic “Hey there’s an elephant in the back yard!!” ? That worked until you were about 6. Are you already sweating about next year? Bwahahahaha!

  2. Dear God, I am terrified about how my father knows my blog site! If one of y’all told him what it please let tell me so that I can spite you forever. General Lordisimo may have just been broken. Damnit Dad! This is not a place for you! I’m an adult now! Family criticistm is my God given right! DAD WE ARE AT WAR . . . I WON THIS YEAR FAIR AND SQUARE, RECYCLING Only works for paper and aluminum (shut up Evan! You and your danm anti-paper recycling conspiracy!). I just don’t trust you on the first of April anymore dad, You need to do better than elephants for six year olds! hell, litle kids believe anythiing you telle them.

  3. Bwahahahahaha! Big Daddy is watching you! I will be a vision of veracity, a hound of honesty, a purveyor of probity, etc., etc.
    Who knows when the Fooler will strike? Crikey! tha ray stabbed ma heart. gurgle gurgle gurgle (Steve Erwins last words.)

  4. This is bad bad stuff. I kind of thought I dreamt it last night but no, I didn’t as the last comment demonstrates. Dad, I can block you from this site (well at least from commenting) so you have to play nice and possibly ignore several of my posts that may be critical of you, mom, Ian, or the rest of the family. Also ignore anything that is suggestive of excessive drinking and or poor decission making.

  5. How sad that Dad entered the world of blogging. For someone who hates technology (just because he uses it at a 1st grade level) he’s having way too much fun on this. Way to go big brother, you gave Dad a new, incredibly depressing hobby.

    By the way, what blogs are critical of me? I can understand Mom and Dad, but I’m pretty sure I’m flawless.

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