Fine and Medium point

One of my favorite brands/type of pen is the Pentel RSVP.  I am not really all that sure why, I just like it is all.  I especially prefer it for doodling and drawing.  Well this morning one such pen happened to be on my desk (probably a patron left it here sometime last night) and another was in my pocket (because I put it there this morning before heading to work.  So I am sitting here and decide I want to doodle a little and pick up the pen that was on my desk and a piece of paper and begin some sketching.  But something was wrong.  This Pentel RSVP pen was kind of sucking.  I mean it wasn’t horrible, I wouldn’t mind writing with it, but it wasn’t good doodling quality.  How could this be?  Well simply put (as the title of this post likely suggests) it was all about the point.  The pen which had been left on the desk was a medium ball point while the pen in my pocket (the kind I normally use) was a fine point.  Who knew? Actually probably tons of people could have told me that there is a significant difference in feel and style of fine and medium point pens but being just a doodler for entertainment I had thus far never thought of it.  I consider myself now better informed.

~ by Nathaniel on April 11, 2008.

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