I am feeling incredibly lethargic and unproductive today.  Likely this is due to the busy busy weekend (what with all the running around doing errands and staying up late and eating at friends’ houses).  Also partially because I didn’t go to sleep until past midnight last night due to watching a zombie cowboy movie (I can’t remember it’s name but I can say that it was awesome).  So really, being exhausted and all I am not sure that I will be doing much of anything today, for which I apologize but really feel unable to help.  I think I have been somewhat lacking on maintaining updates on this blog (as well as my others).  Hopefully I will attain more energy as the week goes on and get some semi-decent post up.  But till then I yawn and stare off into space with a blank expression.

~ by Nathaniel on April 14, 2008.

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