Ginkgo Ginkgo Ginkgo!

As a piece of pure evidence that I am not really the most observant dude in the world this morning I realized for the first time that I walk past a couple ginkgo trees every morning.  I’ve been walking this same route for over a month now and only today did I say, “well holy cow these are ginkgo trees!”  Yup, that is how it went down.  Why be excited about ginkgo trees?  Well how about because they are fucking living fossils!  I mean these kind of trees were around when dinosaurs still walked the planet.  Also they are pretty cool looking plants.  Also an extract from them is suppose to be good for the brain.  Further (three also points in a row would be a bit much) trees in general are pretty neat though also kind of bizarre (really just think about trees for a little while one day and you’ll probably agree, “yup, something weird about them.”).

So anyhow . . . Ginkgo, Ginkgo, Ginkgo!


~ by Nathaniel on April 17, 2008.

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