The Lord’s Are Coming

Literally!  Fah Shizzle!  The parental units will be somewhere in Greenville sometime late tomorrow night.  Holy shit this is too soon.  Hell I mean I know that I’ve know for some time now but still . . . oi!  I got some serious work to get done before they show up Sunday morning.  Clean the bedroom and the bathroom and the kitchen and just about everywhere else.  Plan what exactly I am going to do with them for three days (I took Monday and Tuesday off so that I can hang out).  try to remain calm and sane while they are visiting.  I love them and all, no questions there, but hell it is a little stressful.  having now lived for quite some time on my own making my own decisions it is going to be a little weird having my parents around in my place of residency.  Still it should be really nice to see them for a bit considering the last time I did was back during Christmas.

Tentative goal for tonight?  Go finally buy a washer and dryer!

~ by Nathaniel on April 18, 2008.

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