I don’t understand stocks . . .

 . . . beyond the basic fact that they represent the worth of shares of different companies.  Still every day (during the week when the markets are open) I check the New York Times to see how the stocks are doing.  I’ve come to learn that Green is good (up) and Red is bad (down).  So today, when I see red, even though I don’t really understand the fundamental principles of what is going on, I think to myself, “well shit this sure sucks.”  I suppose it has to do partially with an overall personal awareness of things.  While I do not really understand how stocks work I do understand that they play a big part in our national economy and that if the stock markets are loosing money then our so is said economy.  And the economy is a big deal right now because it has been behaving “poorly” I would say.  Really I think is important that we all do take an interest in things like stocks and the economy, even if we do not understand it all, because it is bound to affect us whether we get it or not.  Likewise with politics and war and science and religion.  Disinterest or the acceptance of ignorance does nothing to help anything, it is just denying the realities of the world around us.  To see change and progress we must first be willing to take an interest even if it is in something we cannot fully comprehend.  With interest we begin to learn and as we learn we interact and see change occur.

~ by Nathaniel on April 25, 2008.

One Response to “I don’t understand stocks . . .”

  1. I just misread the name of this post as “I don’t Understand Socks . . . ” Which would have been pretty funny. Especially if some asshole just read the title and ignored the body and sent me a message saying something like, “well you see socks are these tubular pieces of clothing you put on your feet to keep them warm.” Then I’d be all like, “WTF? Where did you get socks from my post about economy and . . . oh, my mistake in the title. Hahaha, that’s rich.”

    Yeah, that is probably how it could have gone down if I had made a mistake in this title, too bad I didn’t.

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