Another Chutney

Last night a group of us gathered at the Mevan’s abode and consumed another mango chutney served atop grilled chicken and steak, with stir fried peppers and onions, red beans and rice, and a mole sauce (pronounced mol-ay I think).  The chutney was a little different from last time though still mango based.  With a lack of canned pineapple we instead used some fresh strawberries, a  little orange juice, and some craisins.  The chili pepper was some type of dried pepper (Meg or Evan elaborate here please) that had been purchased for dirt cheap at The Tomato Vine.  Bear handled the grilling, Evan manned the kitchen, Meg played music from her laptop, and Jimmy C. wrote code for OrangeCoat.  I helped chop some vegetables and taste the spiciness of the various foods.  We all consumed beer.  And after the very filling dinner we had coffee mixed with real hot chocolate with also some added Kahlua Especial and some Irish Cream.  All around a very awesome Mexican Monday. 

~ by Nathaniel on April 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Another Chutney”

  1. Twas a large Mexican guajillo chili pepper that was flaked and cooked into the oil before sautéing the onions and red peppers. Chipotle ain’t got nothin on guajillo.

  2. When we make variations on the theme (such as our chutney makings) we should carefully record the different ingredients and amounts and then mark noted differences. For example I feel that the strawberries added in last nights chutney added an a slightly smoother and sweeter back taste that along with the spice from the curry and chili peppers worked really well. I believe that last nights chutney may have surpassed the first chutney in tastiness. I think next we should attempt a non-mango chutney. I am thinking perhaps a peach chutney or a more citrus based chutney. I am thinking I shall try and do some chutney research to see with what other foods these toppings are good/recommended.

  3. […] I have been rockin gthe awesome food lately what with salmon at Paivi’s Sunday night and our awesome Mexican Monday yesterday.  Tonight I have cooked for myself (which granted means that this is kind of a one man, slightly […]

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