Why ain’t you blogging?

Good question . . . probably because I am trying to brainstorm an idea for the cover of ChipperDemon‘s April mixed CD.  Part of the problem with this is a lack of certainty as to what title has been chosen for this month.  I know a lot of different names have been thrown around over the last couple of weeks and I asked Mad about it yesterday but I haven’t really gotten any solid feedback.  If anybody in the CD receiving circle knows more than I do I would appreciate the input.  What have I doodled so far?

  • Grecian armor and weaponry
  • Archangel Michael (which is a pretty good picture in my opinion)
  • A couple of dragons/serpents
  • a 747 with bird wings which also appears to have flames running down it’s back
  • A few sketches of hands and feet

So any advice on what would make a kick ass cover?  Anybody? 

~ by Nathaniel on April 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Why ain’t you blogging?”

  1. Some CD titles that I think have been suggested are

    1. The Lords are Coming
    2. Velociraptors are Advanced . . . 1 Degree of Jurassic Park
    3. Something about sausage fingers (can’t remember the exact title)
    4. Some combination of all of the above

  2. The Return of Sausage Fingers. Or Sausage Fingers Returns were the two sausage fingers titles. Though also I enjoy the title Sausage Fingers Strikes Back.

    May I also suggest something with Josie.

  3. The sausage fingers are advancing…

    Cover art could be an old style looking map of Europe. Instead of a black spindly evil-looking hand emerging from the east, it could be a black sausage shaped hand dripping with meat sweat. To the west could be a velociraptor.

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