“The Lords Are Coming” April’s CD cover.

So I was a little delayed on getting April’s ChipperDemon CD cover finished (it is May now, I apologize) but I have it is more or less done now.  Unfortunately it didn’t come out quite how I wanted it to because I was having some shitty problems with Adobe Photoshop this morning (for whatever reason Photoshop decided it hated me, my computer, the world, or all of the above which caused significant interference with finishing the rendering process).  But anyhow, I think it is a pretty cool picture.  Actually it was originally two pictures which I put together as one in Photoshop.  See below:

Archangel Michael  The Archangel Michael

Dragon The Dragon

St. Michael and the Dragon  The battle of the two

St. Michael and the Dragon Cover and the April CD cover

By the way . . . WordPress, I feel like your new image uploading is inferior to your older version.  I have had a really hard time getting my images to go where I need them and making them format right when I publish a post.  Just saying. 

~ by Nathaniel on May 2, 2008.

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