Fatigued Bathroom Philosophizing

Sometimes I think a lot when I am really tired, like right before going to bed or right when I get up in the morning.  I think that I will call this thinking Fatigued Bathroom Philosophizing (FBP) because generally the thinking takes place when either I am taking my shower in the morning or brushing my teeth and taking a piss before bed.  The thing that I find funny about FBP is that when in the moment I get an idea and I am all like, “fuck me, I’m a god damn genius, why haven’t I ever thought of this before?”  Then I either go to bed or have my morning cup of coffee and suddenly the great ideas just begin to fade away.  It is almost like the more awake I am the stupider I am. 

I very distinctly remember having some really good, smart thoughts about determinism versus free will this morning while I washed up in the shower but about an hour later it was all fuzzy.  I’m left feeling disappointed.  Like, fuck, seriously, this morning I felt like I was working with book worthy material, and now all I’ve got is something along the lines of, “Um maybe we are sointo our routines because we lack free will?”  Really?  That’s it?  What a fucking waste!

Of course there is the distinct possibility that FBP isn’t actually creating any thoughts of genius at all but instead, in an utterly exhausted state my mind, I seem to believe that anything I think is a work of genius.  Perhaps coffee, or the act of obtaining several hours of sleep (if lucky) infuses a furthering sense of reality on my thoughts and concludes with a message such as, “When you are tired, don’t strain yourself too much, save thinking for when you are awake and can remember things.”  Hmmm. 

And I guess I can get some pretty decent thinking in during my waking hours as well.  I mean if I am sitting here thinking all of this the gears must be turning some right?  I mean I guess I could even take the idea of the mind and the waking body and go off on a whole rant about mind-body duality and why fatigue may actually affect cognition.  I’m not going to though, because I’m lazy, and I don’t really give much of a fuck to right now.

I swear a lot when I write . . . sorry.  I guess I don’t have to, but then again, I also don’t give too much of a fuck about that.  *sigh*  

~ by Nathaniel on May 14, 2008.

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