Induced delirium

Can you induce a feverish state of delirium?  The reason I am wondering this is because I feel like I have way more fucked up dreams when the weather is really hot and it is just sweaty sleeping conditions.  So really, is my body being put into an almost feverish state in which my mind starts making weird dreams.  last night I dreamed I was skiing except I had lost my skies miles back and was just kind of walking through the snow.  What the fuck?  I haven’t skied in years and to be honest I hated skiing in the first place. 

So yeah, just wondering. 

~ by Nathaniel on June 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Induced delirium”

  1. Your subconsious is saying that you feel in control, but out of your comfort zone. And you’re doing something you don’t love to do as you descend the mountain on your way to either another trip up (to find your skis) or back to the lodge to grab a cocktail.

  2. Yeah, I have yet to turn on the A/C and had a weird dream last night. I hardly ever remember dreams, but sleeping in a hot bed seems to increase the odds.

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