Oh “Pub Crawlin” ye make me want to cry

I’ve been a subscriber to Pub Crawlin’s rss feed for quite awhile now and really enjoy reading about the beer experiences that are had around the country.  Todays post from that wonderful beer blog hit a key with me as it was all about the Vermont Craft Brews I had to say goodbye to when I moved down to Greenville a year ago.  On the upside my favorite all time beer brewer, Magic Hat, has begun to appear in Greenville (albeit only #9 so far) but some of the others like, Long Trail, Otter CreekRock Art, and Vermont Pub & Brewery are not accessible in South Carolina. being a born and raised Vermonter, having a lot of pride in my home state, and also an avid beer lover, I tended to drink a considerable amount of all these beers when back in New England.  My first legal beer purchase was  a 12 beer mix pack of Otter Creek (of which my favorites are the Copper Ale and The Stovepipe Porter).  When I was home for Christmas this year some high school friends and I made a necessary visit to the Vermont Pub & Brewery (not only do they have awesome beer but good food too — not all that different an atmosphere from Blue Ridge Brewery).

Oh, and by the way Evan, the American Flat Bread/Zero Gravity Brewing, mentioned in the Pub Crawlin’ post, is where my parents and I experienced the delicious Gruit Ale (further American Flat Bread very well make the most amazing artisan pizzas in the world, I am so certain in this statement that I am willing to fight anybody who disagrees with me).


~ by Nathaniel on June 5, 2008.

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