How much would you pay for a melon? Does $6,000 sound about right?

I hope this watermelon tastes really fucking good.

Here is the thing about me and watermelons.  Every year when summer comes around I inevitably find myself at some point presented with the opportunity of eating some watermelon.  And I always get really excited and grab a big ol’ slice and start gorging, only to find, every year, that I really don’t like watermelon much at all.  It isn’t that it is bad, I mean it is sweet and refreshing, it just isn’t really all that good either (in my opinion of course — which, personally, is the only one that should really matter anyways).  So yeah, there it is. Watermelon; pretty much I can take it or leave it.

note:  I actually ate my first bit of watermelon this year during a staff meeting on Tuesday.  My personal stance on the melon remains.

note #2:  What the fuck is wrong with people?  Why would you pay $6,000 for a fucking melon?   Do you even eat a $6,000 melon?  If you feel the need to write a comment on this post explaining how sometimes people need to spend ridiculous amounts of money to establish their sense of worth let me save you the time by saying the following; Yeah, I get it, but it is still fucking god damn stupid.  There a millions of starving people in the world and somebody feels so proud of themselves for laying down six grand for a shitty ass watermelon.  I hope they get acidic melon juice in their eye and it burns real bad. 

~ by Nathaniel on June 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “How much would you pay for a melon? Does $6,000 sound about right?”

  1. You’ve lost your damn mind. Watermelon is exquisite. Not $6000 exquisite, but it’s a unique and wonderful taste.

  2. Nope, my mind is perfectly intact, I just don’t care for watermelon, I much prefer the flavor of honeydew.

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