Clan McGregor

Not only did I get to hang out with my friend Serge this past weekend but we also got to go to the Greenville Scottish highland Games at Furman University.  It was awesome!  Friday night Serge and I had met a couple of members from Clan McGregor and they gave us free passes to the games and invited us to come hang out with them.  So Saturday morning we hoped on to Serge’s motorcycle and, after a nice breakfast at The Country Ham House, we headed to the Furman campus.  The Highland games were pretty cool (though the weather was oppressively hot).  Got to watch the Parade of the Tartans (what we Americans call plaids), see some awesome sheep herding, and then witness burly men in skirts (oh sorry, Kilts) throw thirty foot long logs.  We ended our time at the event sitting and eating with all of the McGregor clan members who had come to the games.  I got to learn a little about my own family clan, the Moffats, as well.  Very awesome time.  Thank You Clan McGregor members, y’all were really awesome. 

~ by Nathaniel on June 9, 2008.

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