Bacon Night, June 9th, 2008

Since I have lived in Greenville over the past year I have engaged in many enjoyable events; Tailgating at Clemson, Low Country Boils, a whole slew of events downtown, wild Scottish Festivals, and many more.  Last night, at Mad’s and my house, we had the first of what I can only hope is long running future tradition.  We engaged in BACON NIGHT!

Okay, y’all just calm down, I know that you are probably almost suffocating on the involuntary saliva production and near orgasmic glee at hearing about this event, but just take a deep breath, I haven’t even shown you any photo documentation of this wondrous event. 

The event came about in this way.  Two Weekends ago Bear, Evan, Meg, and I participated in the Up Country Farm Tour, where we drove around and visited a bunch of farms.  It was pretty neat though probably the real enjoyment came from just getting to hang out all day (personal opinion to y’all who went, but I just really liked the good company). Anyway, one of the farms we visited was the Clemson Student Organic Farm and while we were there we took notice of some of the foods they sell, of which there was organic bacon . . . mmm so yummy sounding.  Now seeing as Meg works at Clemson she agreed to pick up some food stuff from the farm when they were doing the selling (which I think was on Wednesday).  Disregarding her own vegetarian instincts Meg graciously bought two pounds of bacon to bring back to Greenville for consumption.

Hicory Smoked and Peppercorn; Delightful looking yes?

I am not really sure who was the first to make the proposal to hold a bacon taste testing occasion through comparing the different cooking methods of the meat but it was from this initial suggestion that Bacon Night was born.  At the Low Country Boil, held this past Sunday at the Huska Plantation Mad and I agreed that we would host Bacon Night.  All day Monday the crowd of us communicated via the emails to work out the details (when to show up, what to bring, etc).  After work I rushed home to do some last minute cleaning and prepare for the arrival of the Bacon Night participants.  Besides Me and Mad those who cam included Mad’s parents and grandmother, Natalia, Walker, Bear, Even, Meg, Jimmy C, Monica, and Virginia (plus one Sarko Muppet dog) — it was to date the largest gathering Mad and I have hosted at our house. 

For the occasion the bacon would be cooked four different ways via George Foreman Grill, Frying Pan, Cookie Sheet in the Oven, and the Microwave (which, as my previous post has stated, was just purchased yesterday).  Once the bacon had all been cooked we we all sample the different cooking styles and attempt to come to a consensus on which bacon was cooked best.

 Bacon getting ready for a good ol\' frying Yum, traditional fry pan bacon!

Grilling bacon?  Are you crazy?! -- Yes, yes I am.  Crazy about bacon that is! I love Foreman grills, so useful.

Aluminum foil helps keep the cookie sheet cleaner! Baked Bacon! Insane!

mmmm, radiation deliciousness! Nuke cooking is fun cooking.

After all the bacon was cooked we laid the different cooked styles on individual plates and invited the crowd to come begin the tasting.

George Foreman Grilled BaconFried Bacon

Oven Cooked BaconMicrowaved Bacon

The consensus at the end of bacon eating seemed to be that the oven cooked bacon (yes, the baked bacon) was the best.  Fried was a close second, with the grilled and nuked being in the last place.  Still as Bear has pointed out, does anybody really loose with Bacon Night (well besides Meg and the fact that she doesn’t eat bacon — but hey, you still got to hang out with a bunch of awesome people and enjoy the delight of bacon scent)?  Just look how happy the bacon eating made Walker!

Walker loves bacon . . . can you blame him?  No, you cannot.

Of course while bacon is very likely one of the most delicious food things that a human tongue can experience the reality stands that it isn’t exactly on top of a healthy diet. So Mad and Natalia were kind enough to provide some more food.  Mad made an awesome potato hash medley with cheese and onions and peppers and all around delight.  Natalia made a ton of wonderful spinach salad that had avocado, onion, boiled egg, a little bacon , and oil and vinegar on top. 

Oh so cheesy and melty and yum!

Some good greens for health

And what kind of gathering would we have if there were no beers to quench our bacon eating thirsts?

Beer, Beer, Milk, Beer.  I don\'t know that our fridge has eve been so full.

Yes, it was indeed a wonderful and amazing event.  I sure hope that we can do it again someday (like maybe sometime next month). 

Oh, and before I forget, behold the gradually acquired bacon grease!


~ by Nathaniel on June 10, 2008.

9 Responses to “Bacon Night, June 9th, 2008”

  1. I can no longer condone this sort of celebration of carnage. (I’ll go ahead and drink the beers however.)

  2. Mr. Foie gras? You must be kidding me. The pigs were raised on organic food and slaughtered humanely. Then cured with peppercorns and bourbon. Come on. I might request that my remains be treated so well.

  3. Remains? Hell, I’d like to be treated so well right now. All the organic food I want, wandering around in a beautiful south carolina field next to Clemson, being as “happy as a pig in slop”. I don’t think it gets any better. Until the under grads show up to start the butcherin’.

  4. Hahahaha . . . don’t be silly Meg, everybody knows they never let undergrads do the killing . . . you at least have to be working on your Masters for that kind of action.

  5. Olivier, attending and enjoying the bacon last night was a life long vegetarian. She converted this year and has been enjoying bacon for several months now. If Monica can convert there is hope for everyone… including you.

  6. Thank you Brother Bear! The Church of Bacon is always looking to spread the word of greasy deliciousness. We have missionaries in over a hundred countries already. Join us Olivier, join us and rejoice!

  7. Good to know that the baked bacon ranked strongly. I believe I first heard about that method on (where else?) Good Eats. The only difference, though, is that I think Alton had the bacon on a cooling rack (the elevated, wire-grid things) so that the fat dripped off.

    I shall have to attempt the baking method over and over until I perfect it.

  8. The carnivores got to the bacon before I could see the strips arranged to form F, G, O and M. One of them was gone by the time I got to it and I had the hardest damn time remembering which was which. I thought all were pretty good, but Mad’s hashbrown mix was the bomb. I was about to propose marriage on the spot. Much love. Thanks to Meg for “bringing home the bacon”

  9. growing up my parents always cooked bacon in the oven and they did what it sounds like Alton suggests by putting it on a raised rack. Part of the purpose of this seems to be to drain off the fat. Now granted bacon grease is quite literally liquid heart attack, but hell it is so damn good. Personally I prefer the fry method to all other (not really taste wise — they all taste great to me — just cooking method).

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