After over three months our house finally has a microwave.  We bought the kitchen appliance from Meg and Evan’s neighbor who is moving to Hawaii (it is kind of strange that I have been encountering a lot of people going to Hawaii lately — is there something I need to know?).  Mad has not been all that interested in a microwave but I personally have wanted one for two main reasons.  They are as follows:

  1. To be able to quickly defrost food — Specifically the food that is made from the flesh of animals.  Sometimes I forget to take out stuff to thaw early enough and then it is just a pain, but with a microwave this should be much less of a problem.
  2. To be able to heat up leftovers — I cook quite regularly and usually make enough for leftovers.  Much of my leftover food I bring to lunch but it will be nice to be able to heat it up and eat it at home too.

Yay!  Microwave!

Look at that Nuker!  Right next to the lovely beer.

The microwave was put to immediate use last night at Bacon Night.  What is Bacon Night you ask?  Well you’ll just have to wait until I write my epic post explaining it (the suspense is probably killing you).

~ by Nathaniel on June 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Microwave!”

  1. Enough with the microwave. Where’s the bacon post?

  2. patience friend, patience . . . things of such greatness as these cannot be rushed needlessly

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