Bringing God and Darwin together

Being a self avowed Darwinist and Secular Humanist but also wanting to respect other’s beliefs, whatever they may be (as long as they are not beliefs that promote the harming and hating of others), I like reading about people who are trying to bridge the percieved gap between science and religion.  So reading this New York Times article about Michael Dowd is pretty interesting.  I wish more people would in the very least try to view the world like this.  Because of my rather non-theist stance on things I can’t say how a person who has faithful belief in God would feel, but I would think, that in the very least, the sciences would be really great at further making “Gods” creation amazing and beautiful.  But I guess not everybody sees it this way.  Oh well. 

~ by Nathaniel on June 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Bringing God and Darwin together”

  1. It all depends on how you view and value the concept of truth.

  2. Agreed, hence the “oh well”

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