For the last two weeks or so (maybe a little longer) I’ve been watching episodes of the television show Firefly on Hulu.  Last night I watched the last two episodes of the one season series and found myself really sad that it had not had greater success to at least produce one or two more seasons.  To be perfectly honest (and I admit that I am a geek and have a soft spot for scifi) I think that Firefly was a pretty damn good televising show, at least if you don’t mind science fiction.  It struck me as really original, kind of taking an old west type of spin on the whole space opera genre.  The show looked good, had decent acting with engaging characters, and didn’t come across as too over the top nerdy science fiction like Star Trek.  It was just fun entertainment.  From what I’ve gathered Firefly gained more popularity after the show was canceled than it did while it was airing.  As such the movie “Serenity” was released in 2005 to wrap up some of the loose ends in the short series.  I’m am kind of curious weather or not anyone has considered try to make a new series based on some of the plots or ideas present in Firefly.  I feel like if done well such a spin off series my be able to have more success than Firefly itself.

The Firefly class space ship Serenity

~ by Nathaniel on June 19, 2008.

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