I don’t get remixes

Well I do . . . kind of . . . if I am out at the clubs or having a crazy late night dance party or high on E (just kidding, don’t do drugs kids!).  But beyond these occasions I really just don’t get the appeal with music remixes.  I was listening to The Hype Machine this morning, it’s a pretty cool site to get to listen/download some new music by all varieties of artists (I think Mad uses The Hype Machine to find a lot of the music she puts on the ChipperDemon monthly mixes), and was baffled by how many songs appear on the site remixed by either some DJ or some other artist.  I guess what kind of gets me is that remixes just kind of seem like a cop out in creativity (and I’m sure there are some people who would love to go off on me for saying this but I don’t give a fuck, hear me out).  On one hand redoing anything that has already been done is kind of a cop out in my opinion but at least if you are just doing a cover you are playing/singing yourself instead of taking the original track and cutting it up and putting it back together maybe throwing in some new beats and electronic noise.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that there is some real skill that has to go into making a good remix (I’m not claiming in any way that I’d be any good at doing it) but still . . .  I guess remixes just have me at a loss.  And why would you want to listen to a remix unless you were at like a dance club?  Isn’t it better to listen to the original?  Yeah baffled, my brain is struggling to process it all.

~ by Nathaniel on June 24, 2008.

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