So I was kind of bored last night so I decided to download the trial version of Spore Creature Creator.  I have to admit it can be pretty fun (and I imagine that the full version is even more fun what with a lot more options).  Spore (which is made by the same makers of the hugely popular The Sims games) is suppose to be a game where players create lifeforms and allow them to evolve, develop technologies, create cultures, and even eventually take to the stars.  Personally I think it sounds pretty cool. 

In regards to computer gaming I have always enjoyed the kind of games that allow you, as a player, to customize the playing experience (through strategy or character/unit creation).  Don’t get me wrong, a good ol’ first person shooter game can be great as can a racing game or some sports games, I just personally prefer the games in which I am thinking about the units I am making and using to accomplish goals. 

Will I buy the full version of Spore?  Probably not, I have enough computer games as it is (yup, I am kind of a nerd) and also I doubt my computer, which is a piece of junk, would really be able to handle the whole game.  But anyway if you are looking for something to provide a bit of fun or entertainment try the free trail version of the creature creator out.  In the very least it is a good time killer.

~ by Nathaniel on June 27, 2008.

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