Holy Crap What a Day!

Man alive, it has been a killer day today!

This morning I had to show two reference librarians how to do just about everything I ever have to do over here.  While I may complain that I sit around a lot there is actually a number of things that have to be known even if they are not always, or often, going to be used.  Stuff like how to create patron accounts, how to print, how to use microfiche, how to trouble shoot Pharos, etc, etc.  I only had an hour to teach the two and it ended up being a lot more detailed than I thought it was going to have to be.

On top of that I have also had a killer stream of patrons with big questions today.  Some needed help with the microfiche.  Some needed help with Microsoft Word.  Some just needed help in general (I’d recommend the psychiatric kind).  It seemed like whenever I got back to the desk and sat down there would immediately be another person full of questions. 

Then this afternoon, as if things were not already crazy enough, out login system, Pharos, decided it wanted to hate on everybody and run as slow as molasses.  Madness I tell you!

Ultimately I am now utterly drained and desiring a cold beverage (preferably one with an alcohol content of some significance). 

~ by Nathaniel on July 2, 2008.

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